I believe...

Life begins and ends with family.
Singing should be done in HARMONY at the top of your lungs.
Hot coffee and warm laughter should both boil in your throat-especially when you're with your best friend.
Smelly, old books are better than the best movies - and they don't need to be plugged in.
The greatest stories are the ones that happen when you pursue your future while giving the finger to your past, and you can't expect to be trusted if you don't trust yourself.
Being opinionated is not a weakness
And.. I believe in taking your kids on dates and signing birthday cards with "From the one who has loved you from the very beginning."

I confess...
I will hire a babysitter to go to the latest Pixar cartoon, uninterrupted by my kids.
I tell people that all of the 80’s hairband music on my playlist is my husbands but I secretly love it and know every word.
I once had a boyfriend tell me he would marry me because my homemade brownies were amazing. I smiled sweetly and quickly changed the subject, because... I bought them. He still doesn't know.
I will use a disposable dish sponge until it’s truly disgusting, because I think that if I do the cleaning badly enough, my husband will do it instead.
I have seen every episode of Desperate Housewives. Twice. Ok- More than twice.
I will go on a diet and eat nothing but shakes and celery all day- but I can’t order my coffee without hazelnut syrup and whipped cream. But let's be real here.... it's extra whipped cream.
I toured with Canada’s largest Elvis tribute band as a go-go dancer and backup singer. TCB-and if you’re an Elvis fan, you already know what this is.

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